Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Development Program in Holistic Sciences is a holistic and practical approach to learning.

The following aspects are an integral part of all PDP classes.  

  • Personal Health Awareness
  • Transformative approach to learning - a change in the frames of reference that a person may have. 
  • Integrated approach – seeing things as a whole as opposed to fragmentation. 
  • Flexibility – allowing each person to learn at their own pace.
  • Trans-disciplinary Inquiry

Our instructors are highly experienced, certified and qualified specialists in the field of Holistic Education from all over the world. 

The instructor is your friend, a mentor, and an experienced guide where the learner and the teacher work toward a mutual goal. The benefit of helping one another and growing together is emphasized rather than being placed above one another. 

Our courses are developed by International Research Center of Natural Sciences (IRCNS).

IRCNS is an internationally accredited organization established in 1999 with the objective of providing Natural Health Care based on practical, scientifically sound and socially accepted methods. IRCNS is recognized as pioneer in advancing the study and practice of *Ayurveda in Thailand by the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand.

Personal Development Program in Holistic Sciences consists of 10 courses. Upon completion of all 10 courses, you are awarded a Diploma from IRCNS. You may opt to study only a few of these courses and get a Certificate of completion for that course.

  1.   Introduction to Ayurveda
  2.   Introduction to Aromatherapy
  3.   Introduction to Ayurvedic Aromatherapy
  4.   Introduction to Acupressure
  5.   Introduction to Herbs and Nutrition
  6.   Introduction to Magnet Therapy

7.   Introduction to Meridian and Chakras 

8.   Introduction to Yoga

9.   Introduction to Pranayama - breathing exercises

10. Introduction to Spiritual Exercises

To become a certified practitioner an 800-hour Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma Program must be completed. For more details please contact